Presenting your products in the best light is good for business & professional product photography is a necessary investment for achieving this.
A professional product photographer such as myself will consistently & efficiently deliver high quality eye-catching photographic images which represent the attributes, features & details of a particular product to give customers all the information they need to make an informed & confident purchase, particularly for online ecommerce trading.
Businesses who invest in professional product photography will benefit directly from improved brand identity, customer confidence, sales & even a reduction in rates of returns.
These days consumers are surrounded by & are well versed in commercial photographic imagery & it should come as no surprise that studies have shown that the majority of consumers can easily tell the difference between a good product image & a bad one.  In addition, the majority of consumers will not purchase a product online if the imagery representing it is not good enough.
These are some of the reasons why it is fundamental for businesses, both small & large, particularly online, to invest in a suitable product photographer with the skills & experience to consistently deliver professional quality imagery.



A common mistake worth mentioning is when businesses attempt to undertake the product photography themselves & perhaps even invest in some equipment & training, however to make a long story short this will usually work out more expensive in the longer term & results will be inefficient, inconsistent & always inferior to what a professional will deliver, all of which will be evident to the customer.
 Similarly, buying a calculator does not make you an accountant, so avoid confusing the value of equipment to that of skills & experience.
Hopefully some of these points will help you towards investing in professional product photography & choosing the right photographer for you & your business.
Please take a look at my portfolio for some examples of the quality of product photography you can expect from working with me.
The product photography services I offer can generally be defined by the following two categories.



With creative product photography we can alter many of the standard elements which effect the look of an image, such as the addition of distinctive backgrounds, surfaces, props & styling in addition to using more specialised lighting & post-production techniques.
Naturally these considerations can be more time consuming and so pricing is less structured than with standard packshots & is usually charged by a day rate or a half-day rate, available on the prices page.
This generally concerns items for specific advertising purposes such as in product packaging where a high-end finish is required as well as for print advertising & also for furniture & larger than table-top items.
Some discussion & pre-planning prior to the photo-shoot will often be beneficial.