Street photography


A Photographic Journey Through Cuba is an exhibition that explores the daily lives of the Cuban people through the lens of a black and white film camera. Taken during a trip in 2001, the photographs on display capture the unique and rich culture of the island nation. The exhibition features a diverse array of images, from candid shots of children playing in the streets to meticulously composed portraits of local characters. Visitors will also have the opportunity to see the hardworking mechanics who keep the vintage American cars from the 1960s running on the streets. As well as religion and culture that are deeply integrated in the daily life.

Additionally, the black and white film adds a timeless quality to the photographs and creates a strong emotional connection to the people and places depicted. Through the use of light and shadow, the photographer draws attention to the textures and details of the scenes and subjects, giving the viewer a deeper understanding of the culture and lifestyle of the Cuban people. The exhibition offers a unique and intimate look into the daily lives of a people who have long been shrouded in mystery and political intrigue. It’s a powerful reminder of the humanity that connects us all, regardless of geographical or cultural differences.

Gazing to the Horizon: Three Boys on the Malecon while a Policeman Watches

A beautiful example of an American car

Street Sweep: A Trinidad Garbage Collector’s Morning Routine

Habana vieja – Diy Dreams: Young Innovators at Work on Handmade Scooters

Cuban Siesta: A Local Character naps while “Che” watches over

Sunday Tradition: Family drives mother-in-law to morning mass

Timeless maintenance: A mechanic replaces a battery on a vintage American ca

Smoking and Dyeing: A Cuban Girl’s Wait

Captivated by the Camera: Boys Playing Football

Private Ride: The Details of a Cuban “Particular” Taxi

 “Reporting from Havana: A Playful Perspective on Cuba’s Children”

Faith on Display: A Santeria Doll in Trinidad, Cuba

“Frozen in Motion: A Tribute to Cuban Karate” (Former national champion)

Elevated Dance: Stilt Walkers at Havana Cathedral

Trinidad – Art of the Roll: The Skill of the Cuban Cigar Craftsman

Trinidad Townscape: A Woman Sweeper’s Moment of Rest

Three Vices: Beer, Cigarettes, and Youth

Urban Youth: Boys Playing Squash, Girl Walking to her Car

Farewell Embrace: Tourist and Cuban Girl’s Last Day Together

Voice of the People: The Call to Vote on a Handwritten Sign