What is packshot photography?

A packshot is most easily defined as a simple photograph of a product on a white or plain background and is frequently used in catalogues, brochures, direct mail and e-commerce sites.

What do you mean by creative photography?

The addition of distinctive backgrounds, surfaces & props in addition to complex lighting & post-production techniques with the aim of creating a unique & bespoke final image.
Naturally these extra considerations result in a more time demanding process per shot as so is often suited to prize items &/or specific advertising.

What kind of products do you specialise in?

Everything from small items of jewellery to large pieces of furniture.
During the consultation process we will discuss the types of items you have to photograph & thereby planning the best workflow for the shoot as the setup for large items will generally differ from that of small table top items.

I need images for the web & also for print, is this possible?

Of course, for each item you can have a low resolution image for the web and a high resolution image for print, both of which are included in the price.

What is a clipping path & do you supply them?

A clipping path is simply a manually traced outline of (ideally) a solid shaped product which is then included in a tiff file & which can then be conveniently used for several purposes such as if you want to swap the product background for another colour or image & also in page layout programs to enhance text-wrapping & similar styling options.
Yes, I can provide a clipping path for each product which is priced as an extra feature to the standard shot

What about shadows & reflections?

Both shadows & reflections can provide an attractive holding effect especially for items shot on a white or plain background but it does come down to personal taste as well as the practicalities of how the image is to be used.
Naturally shot shadows & reflections will in most cases give the best results however they can be created in post-production as well.

Do you have any colour management to ensure the images are colour accurate?

Any photographer who neglects this is looking for trouble.
As a professional photographer I like things to be done correctly and so yes I incorporate colour management practices at every stage in the process such as shooting with an X-rite Colour Checker Passport for in-camera profiling calibration in addition to monitor calibration with the X-rite i1 Display Pro system to ensure that images seen onscreen are true to the actual files and what should result in a calibrated print.

I don’t have a great understanding of what is meant by resolution or image size so can you advise me on this?

Yes, I am happy to advise on any element you are unsure about.
Generally low resolution images are in the jpeg format (filename.jpg) & are suited for web, email and onscreen viewing and are generally in the region of 72ppi or 96ppi with 1000 pixels along the long edge, however these dimensions will not print well and so higher resolutions in the region of 240ppi – 300ppi will be required to maintain definition, size & quality, & will be in TIFF format or jpeg if required.
If you have no interest in technicalities such as these but need your image in a format for some specific output then by all means leave me to it so you can get on with whatever it is you need to.

Do I have to be present during the shoot?

Not at all, provided I have a good understanding of what it is you need then the shoot is usually a straight-forward process.
For packshots it helps to know the angle(s) required for each item eg front, 45 degree, side, back, detail etc
For more creative shots a simple brief in the form of a sketch or basic mock-up will often suffice.
Obviously after working together for the first time we will naturally develop an understanding which often makes subsequent projects a more seamless process.

Can I send my items to you?

By all means, such as via local courier, Royal Mail, UPS etc 
Please package your items in a protective manner bearing in mind that the same packaging will be re-used in the return of the items.
The costs for delivery & return of the item(s) is at your expense.

Does your insurance cover my items?

In short no, ideally all products should be insured under your own policy, however I have years of experience in dealing with valuable & fragile items without any problem so every precaution will be made to ensure the safe return of your goods.

What level of retouching do you offer?

This is an area I have specialised in for years & so can offer any degree of retouching that you can think of.
 All images will undergo some basic tweaks such as cropping, contrast, background fixes, dust removal & sharpening. 
Further edits will be charged at a rate of £40 per hour.

When will the images be ready?

This is dependent on the number of images & similar factors etc but generally I am aware that clients appreciate an efficient turnaround so usually I can operate within 48 hours.
 I can also provide a same-day priority service if required.

How will you deliver the final images to me?

By web download for large quantities or high resolution images or on cd-rom or both, or by email for smaller quantities of low resolution images.